Ningbo Urban Construction Archives / DC ALLIANCE · c+d Design Research Center Brands with products used in this architecture project Manufacturers: 南京三惠建设, 宁波嘉瀚建材有限公司, 宁波江花玻璃科技有限公司 Design Team:Yi Dong, Weiwei He, Jia Zhang, Chunwei Zhang, Jie Tang Client:Ningbo Urban Construction Archives Text description provided by the architects. City is composed by buildings, and buildings are constructed from different building blocks, which have special space and material attributes; hence, the history of city construction can be understood as history of fortification, and Ningbo Urban Development Archives is a collector of this history of fortification indeed. Base on the understanding of the city construction, we superimpose the two properties of “space” and “material” to support the concept of “masonry”. The object of masonry should first be the space itself, that is, taking the space as a block. This requires the deconstruction, classification and reorganization of the functional space of the archive building; and further externalizing its public, or private, or open, or closed attributes to form different sizes and virtual or real “space blocks”. Then build them orderly in the right place. We hope that the history of fortification can be read intuitively on this building. Thus, we selected materials that can best represent contemporary urban construction activities: concrete, stone, bricks, glass, metal plates, etc.; they are randomly attached to the surface of the "block" to form a certain sense of disorder and chaos; and truly illustrate current state of the city. We are inspired by the ancient inscription bricks collected by Tianyi Pavilion and embossed the administrative find out more names of Ningbo in various periods of history into seal scripts and then imprinted to the "blocks" to form an obscure but readable pattern system.


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