During a special board meeting Thursday night, Woodland School Board trustees voted 7-0 on a motion directing the district to move forward with phase three of the construction at the school. Years ago, trustees approved a phased-in building plan for the school, which allowed the campus to open sooner. Unlike the district’s five-phase plan to reopen schools safely, there are only four construction phases at Spring Lake. The final phase would consist of completing a playground on the campus. Spring Lake Elementary first opened in August 2018, when it began instruction for transitional kindergarten through third-grade classes. The 9.5-acre campus is located on the southern end of the residential area at 2209 Miekle Avenue. According to Associate Superintendent Lewis Wiley, himself and Director of Maintenance and Operation Nick Baral and a few panel members recently spent time interviewing three construction firms with a strong interest in compelling the multipurpose room at Spring Lake. “We were able to close the books and finally get a feel for how much revenue we have in the capital facility fund dedicated to Spring Lake,” Wiley said. “I’m comfortable moving forward with beginning to have a conversation about the remaining classrooms over at Spring Lake.” The multipurpose building is anticipated to cost between $4 and $4.5 million, while the completion of additional classrooms are anticipated to cost less than $5 million. “I just wanted to say we did have a public comment expressing some concerns about the timing and our progress on completing the elementary school,” said board Vice President Jake Whitaker. “I hope that folks who are watching here tonight see that we are moving forward getting that school completed, we are on track, and we have enough money to complete it.” The classrooms’ completion is not expected to be in time for a potential return to classes in the fall of 2021.


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